The N12237 has been through a lot in the past 74 years! Brent Moné, the owner of the aircraft, says, "It has a very rich history. If they ever did a movie on an airplane in the movies, it should be based on this airplane."

The plane was built by Garland Lincoln in Van Nuys for the use in early 1930s films. Some of the early films that this airplane starred in include Hell in the Heavens(1934), Dawn Patrol(1938), and Men with Wings(1938). It is a replica of the Nieuport 28 or N28, a biplane built in France in 1918 and armed with twin machine guns for use in World War I against the latest german warplanes. The N28 was America's first fighter when it was used by an American squadron in March 1918, flown by the famous ace, Eddie Rickenbacker.

Eddie Rickenbacker with Nieuport 28

Eddie Rickenbacker standing with the original N28.